The Saariselkä Challenge is a fun challenge built on different tasks for people of all ages, which can be done by anyone regardless of their ski level! The Saariselkä Challenge will last for almost 8 weeks throughout the rest of the season, and will include four sub-challenges which in total is 40 tasks. Saariselkä Challenge will award the top 3 of the partial challenges and at the end  the top 3 overall challenge! Remember to tag @skisaariselka and use the hashtag #saariselkächallenge2021 in your posts so we can share your finished challenges on the @skisaariselka channel! 

The rules of The Saariselkä Challenge

  • Everyone is welcome to participate in the challenge regardless of their level, however, if you are under 18 years old you need to have permission from a guardian in order to participate in the challenge. 
  • You can do the challenges alone or in a team (NB! The team should consist of people that you are in close contact within your everyday life, for example, family members.) Because the prizes are personal, anyone participating in the challenges has to return the finished challenges individually, even if the challenges are done in groups. 
  • The Saariselkä challenge constitutes of 4 parts, and the maximum points are presented during each part. Each part consists of 10 separate challenges, and the whole challenge consists of 40 challenges in total.
  • The points are calculated based on the difficulty of the challenge. Creativity points may be given if the presentation is very creative. 
  • To participate, you can post your finished challenges on Instagram by tagging us at @skisaariselka and using the hashtag #saariselkächallenge2021. Remember to add in the caption the number of the challenge. Please note, if your account is private, we can not see the content that has been posted. If you do not have Instagram, and still want to participate, you can send us the finished tasks to our e-mail at Please note, by sharing a picture or a video, you give us permission to use it in our channels and marketing. 
  • The challenges should be returned each Sunday at the latest at 23.59. During every part challenge, a top 3 will be presented, as well the next challenges will be released for the next part in social media. The top 3 and the next challenges will be presented every Monday. 

The Saariselkä Challenge prizes:

For the part challenges the top 3 will win cool Saariselkä merchandise, and a small raffle will be held with everyone that attended the challenge. 

The top 3 of the whole challenge will win the following prizes: 

  1. Winner: A personal premium-season pass to Saariselkä Ski & Sports Resort for the winter season of 2021-2022
  2. Second runner-up: A gift card for a 7-day ski pass to Saariselkä Ski & Sports Resort. Gift card valid until 31.12.2021
  3. Third runner-up: 50€ Gift card to Saariselkä Ski & Sports Resort. Gift card valid until 31.12.2021

In case of an even result, the host may give the participants an additional challenge. As an even result, the winner will be solved with an Instagram vote. 


Challenges, Part 3: 

Challenge duration 29.3.-4.4.2021


  • PICTURE: A picture with a ski instructor wearing their red jackets (strike a pose! Remember safety distances!)  (40p)
  • VIDEO: Film your team giving a genuine compliment to someone from the staff (20p)
  • VIDEO: Recreate an iconic movie scene. (30p)
  • PICTURE: Someone from your group going up the ropelift (10p)
  • PICTURE: Take a picture in the toboggan slope (10p)
  • PICTURE/VIDEO: Ski/snowboard down like a superman (picture or video) (30p)
  • VIDEO: Film your team’s unique high five (20p)
  • VIDEO: Film a trick in slow motion  (20p)
  • PICTURE: A picture of someone from your group hugging a tree at top of Kaunispää (30p)
  • VIDEO: Do the robot dance  (20p)

Total points for part 3: max 250 points

Share your finished challenges by tagging @skisaariselka and the hashtag #SaariselkäChallenge2021! 

The next parts challenges will be published on this page on  4.4.2021. 

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