Saariselkä Ski & Sport Resort closes the centre on Monday 23.3.2020 At 17

The Company's Board of Directors decided today on Sunday to close the centre due to a changed situational picture of COVID-19 virus. We want to reduce the risk of burdening the health care over the area's local residents' needs. On behalf of all the staff, we thank all customers for their responsible behaviour.

What does this mean for customers, who have purchased ski passes or rented equipment for the period, and the center is closed?

  • You can get unused time doubled for the next season, from 20.11.2020
  • Alternatively, you can get money back in relation to the usage of the product
  • The refund does not apply to season tickets, we follow the Finnish Ski Resort Association's instructions

So if you have e.g.. ski pass for a week, and you've been skiing two days on monday evening, You have five days left. So you can either get back 5/7 of the ticket price or ski next season for 10 Days. We also use the same formula for rental equipment.

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