Outdoor sports facilities have been opened in Finland after a spring break since mid-May. Saariselka the winter season of the ski resort ended due to a pandemic prematurely 23.3.2020, but thanks to the abundant snowy summer in Lapland, europe's northernmost slope centre will continue 1.6. from.

"The last time saariselkä was able to enjoy summer skiing days in June 2017 and now natural conditions allow you to experience summer skiing experiences again at the end of this exceptional spring, Managing Director of the Slope Centre Jarmo Katajamaa Delights. "Many missed the best days of spring, so it is now possible to get to the slopes with the season ticket of the past winter.

The number of customers in the slope centre is. Ski passes of three hours and 24 hours shall be sold on slopes in natural condition up to a maximum of 300 pieces per day. Considerations should be, that the slopes are no longer maintained. Restaurant services are mainly concentrated on the outdoor terrace. The slopes north of Iisakkipää and the anchor lift are open from Monday to 10 in the morning and from 9:00 p.m. to 12:00 in the evening.. During the day, skiers have time to rest and hike or mountain biking in stunning spring weather, and at night it is possible to ski under the midnight sun.

– We are tentatively open from Monday to Wednesday, but we are open with weather reservation, and summer skiing and nightless nightfall is possible for as long and on those days as weather. For our part, we ensure compliance with official guidelines and hope that our customers are responsible both at and outside the ski area.

To minimize contacts and streamline customer service, it is possible to buy ski passes in advance and, if necessary, the tickets can be delivered to the customer's accommodation in Saariselkä..

Winter season 2019-2020 season pass holders are entitled to ski free of charge on summer skiing days 2020. A new ticket can be picked up at our rental office for a season pass.

Ski passes can be purchased in advance from our online shop by downloading an Axess or Skidata card. If you don't already have a card, you can buy your ski pass in advance and pick it up at our rental company, 6€ PriceD Rechargeable Axess Card will be charged upon pick-up.

Buy your ski pass here

More info on: Phone 016 668 882 and by e-mail info@skisaariselka.fi


Guidelines for customers entering the Centre based on the recommendations of the Finnish Ski Resort Association:

  • The slope is only directed in a healthy. Stay at home, if you feel unwell. If you have severe symptoms (shortness of breath and your general condition decreases), and call the health center. You may suspect that you are infected with coronavirus, if you have a fever, Coughs, Sore throat, headache or shortness of breath.
  • We recommend THL:(n) persons at risk to take a break from the skiing activity during the corona virus measures announced by the government;.
  • Quarantined people should not enter the ski resort.
  • In the anchor lift, you only travel alone, when the couple is from the same family or party.
  • The helmets and poles of the rental company are treated with disinfectant after use.
  • Ski goggles are not rented at the time.
  • The ski resort complies with all the latest health guidelines and precautions.
  • Hand disinfectant is available in as many places as possible.
  • Cleaning is added to all customer- and staff ing facilities. SHKY recommends Occupational Health Department's guidance on cleaning to prevent COVID-19 infections.
  • Staff are instructed on the emphasis on. The keyboards and other tools of the devices are regularly cleaned.
  • The number of customer seats in the slope restaurants will be reduced if necessary, to minimise the risk of.
  • If necessary, the ski resort will limit the number of ski passes sold to avoid congestion.
  • To avoid contacts, we recommend that guests get ski passes in advance from the online store.
  • Restaurants, if needed, Cafes, equipment rental and other public spaces will be closed.
  • If the authorities close the ski resort, the share of unused ski passes and rental equipment in the purchase is returned to customers. In such a situation, customers should contact the, from which the tickets or rental equipment were purchased. At this stage, season pass refunds will no longer apply to.
  • The ski resort and the Finnish Ski Resort Association actively monitor the situation and act in accordance with the instructions of the authorities.

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