We have updated our coronavirus safety measures based on the recommendations by Finnish Ski Area Association. 

  • Come visit us and ski only if you are healthy. If you have any symptoms of illness, please stay at home. If you have symptoms of coronavirus (for instance shortage of breath, headache, cough, sore throat or your general state of health gets worse), please contact Ivalo healthcare center immediately to take a covid-19 test.
  • You can book a time for a COVID test at Ivalo healthcare center; Monday until Friday at 8.15 – 10 and 13-14 o’clock from phone number +358 40 188 7400 or in acute cases 24/7 from phone number +358 40 770 9187
  • Download and activate Koronavilkku-app and keep your phone’s bluetooth on.
  • We recommend those persons belonging to risk groups determined by THL to have a break from ski hobby during the pandemic.
  • Do not come ski if you’re in quarantine.
  • The ski center follows all precautionary measures, restrictions and recommendations by health authorities.
  • Hand desinfectant and face masks are available at multiple places at the the center.
  • The ski center might limit the amount of sold ski passes in order to avoid rush at the lifts.

Buy your lift passes online

You already have equipment and only need a lift pass? You can buy lift passes online, outdoor ticket sale point beside restaurant Lieggâ Láávu and preloaded tickets at the restaurant Lieggâ Láávu.

  1. Avoid rush – buy your lift passes in advance!
    • If you have an Axess-card, you can load the ticket of your choice on our webshop by submitting your ticket’s WTP-number: https://saariselka.axess.fi/hissiliput/
    • On online shop you can use the following payment methods: credit/debit card, Finnish online banks, flexible Jousto-payment and ePassi. If you want to buy your ticket with a different payment method (Edenred, Eazybreak, Smartum), you can buy your passes at our outside ticket sales point and Service Centre.
    • On our online system you can load your ticket on all Axess-cards.
    • It is possible to load the ticket on some SkiData cards cardnumber starting with 01 and 30, but we cannot guarantee seamless integration. If you download a SkiData card for our ski center for the first time, you will need to activate the pass at our Service Centre. Some SkiData cards with a hole in them do not work on our lift gates, even though the system allows you to download the pass on our online shop. It is possible to transfer the ticket to our Axess card at Service Centre in that case, 6€ fee for Axess card will be charged on spot.
  2. If you do not already have an Axess-card
    • On online shop please select option “Order ticket” and pick up your pass at our Service Centre or outdoor ticket sales point.
    • You can buy preloaded lift tickets at restaurant Lieggâ Láávu, the tickets are loaded on our Axess cards. If you already have an Axess card, it is unfortunately not possible to load it at our restaurant, you can load it on our online shop: https://saariselka.axess.fi/hissiliput/  

Safely at the lifts 

  • Share a T-bar lift only with your family or group member
  • Share a chair on chairlift only with family or group member
  • Keep minimum 2 metres safety distance to others in the lift queue and on the slopes
  • Avoid close contact to others

Safety at the Service Centre 

You can pick up next day’s equipment and lift passes at Service Centre already the evening before, so you can avoid rush on your ski day morning. There is usually more guests arriving from 11:00 o’clock during the day, to avoid a queue we warmly recommend visiting our Service Centre one day before or right after opening at 9:30.

  • In order to avoid close contact between different groups, the Service Centre’s entrance has been moved to the end of the building. The exit door is in the front of the Service Centre. Please do not exit from entrance door or enter through exit door.
  • We limit the amount of persons inside Service Centre, queueing happens mainly outside the building.
  • Wear a mask inside Service Centre. Also our staff members wear a mask or visor. There is hand desinfectant and complimentary face masks available by the entrance if you don’t have your own with you. If you cannot wear a mask due to health reasons, please use a visor.
  • We collect contact details from each group visiting us and following additional information: dates of the visit and services used (to track service points: rental, ski school, restaurant, lifts, Skibus). With this information we can help the local authorities track possible covid-19 cases. Your group will be contacted only in case of covid-19 cases at the ski resort during the time of your visit. The information is held on Google Forms, we do not share, download or save your details or use them for any other purposes.
  • Wait for your turn after giving your visit information. Our staff member by the door guides you to the next available seat and service point. Please do not pick up equipment or take a seat on a bench by yourself, wait for our staff members’ assistance. It is important that each group stays seated on the bench in order to limit contacts between different groups.
  • Once your group has gotten fitting boots, our staff members will give you a permission to proceed to the cashier, where you can get ski passes and rest of the equipment. You should not proceed to a cashier until you have permission from our staff, this is to avoid queues indoors.
  • Avoid close contact to others and keep minimum 2 metres safety distance to other guests and our staff members 
  • Our rental helmets and poles are desinfected after every use.
  • Ski goggles or sunglasses are not rented due to hygiene reasons. They are available for purchase at the Service Centre.
  • We have increased cleaning in all staff and service points.
  • Staff has been informed of increased level of hygiene. The keyboards and other tools are cleansed regularly.

Safely at the restaurant 

  • We have decreased the amount of tables and seats at the restaurant and there distance between tables has been increased
  • We currently have table service. Only members of the same family or group can share a table.
  • Wear a mask or a visor when visiting our restaurant spaces. You may take off your mask when you’re eating and drinking, but please wear a mask when leaving your table or visiting the toilet. Also our staff members wear a mask or a visor.
  • Hand desinfectant and free face masks are available by the restaurant entrance.
  • Avoid close contact to others and keep minimum 2 metres safety distance to other guests and our staff.
  • Our outside grill serves take away food during lift operation hours.
  • During 1.4.-4.4.2021 our Waffle Café on top of Iisakkipää fell is open at 12-16 o’clock.

Safety at ski school 

  • Ski school group lessons are currently on hold to avoid contacts between different groups.
  • Instruction is available privately, only members of same family or group can join a private lesson together.
  • Kids’ Werneri group lessons are not held, but there is a private alternative available.
  • Close contacts are avoided during ski school lessons.
  • Ski instructor wears a mask during the lesson.
  • All events organized by ski school have limited participant amount of 15 persons. Participant amount might be restricted due to changing recommendations and restrictions.

Cancellation policy

  • If Finnish authorities force the ski resort to close, the unused ski days or rental due to ski resort closure will be compensated. In this case, please contact the Service Centre or sales@skisaariselka.fi . For season pass holders, the amount of closed days will be compensated in regard to total duration of the ski season.
  • In case you have prepaid services and get into quarantine or become ill during your holiday, the validity of the ski pass, ski school or equipment rental can be moved to a later date. In a situation like this, please contact us by e-mail: sales@skisaariselka.fi

Saariselkä Ski & Sport Resort and Finnish Ski Area Association continuously follow the situation actively and operate in accordance to directions and recommendations of local authorities.

You can find more update information regarding COVID-19 pandemic on the website THL.

We reserve right to changes..

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