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Location and traveling

You can arrive in Saariselkä by air, bus or car. VR (the Finnish railways) will get you to Rovaniemi in comfort, where you can choose from several connecting buses or even rent a car to continue.


Finnair flies from Helsinki to Ivalo all year round.


Norwegian flies from Helsinki to Ivalo during the season 2018-2019 until 30.3.2019 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.



Each flight has a bus connection to Saariselkä, as well as from Saariselkä to reach each flight.

You can also catch a taxi at the airport to reach your destination conveniently.


You can catch a train to Rovaniemi with several bus connections to Saariselkä. Don’t forget the car-carrier trains and rental car companies!




You can easily reach Saariselkä by following the National Road Four (E75), which travels through Finland. If you are travelling from Eastern Finland, you can join this highway at Oulu, Rovaniemi or Sodankylä via National Roads Five and Six, and continue straight to North. The following websites will help you to choose the route:

Google Maps

Via Michelin


Skibus operates in the Saariselkä area

“Hop on hop off” – skibus is driven in the Saariselkä area between Saariselkä village and Saariselkä Ski & Sport Resort throughout the season.

Skibus timetable and route 2018 – 2019.

Find accommodation in Saariselkä:

Find accommodation by Saariselkä Booking



(Translated by Google) Nice resort with free grandiose toboggan run (Original) Jolie station avec piste de luge grandiose gratuite Read more Read lessRunderful friends
Mahtavaa palvelua! (Translated by Google) Great service! Read more Read lessAnu Ylinen
(Translated by Google) Great walk in the summer! (Original) Страхотна разходка през ля! Read more Read lessKaloyan Velikov
(Translated by Google) Perfect skiing, perfect snow, I will always remember it (Original) Esquí perfecto, nieve perfecta, lo recordaré siempre Read more Read lessPau Gaude
Hyvin tilaa ja aina hyvä palvelu (Translated by Google) Good room and always good service Read more Read lessTeppo keränen
Great ski resort staff very helpful Read more Read lessBlair Southwood
Great staff ..great skiing, Lucy excited instructor, very patient .Debby 😎 Read more Read lesstrevor Hewitt
Upeat puitteet laskettelijoille yms... Upea pulkkamäki. Mukavaa henkilökuntaa 💪 Kauniit maisemat, hyvin pidetyt rinteet kruunaa kokemuksesi upeasta laskettelu reissusta ja samalla kosketuksen Lapin luontoon. Lapin mittakaavassa lyhyet etäisyydet useisiin upeisiin luonnonnähtävyyksiin mm. Lemmenjoki, kiilopää, Ivalojoki ja monta muuta. Ehdottomasti pohjoisen parhaita paikkoja! (Translated by Google) Great setting for skiers, etc ... Great sledding. Comfortable staff 💪 Beautiful scenery, well-kept slopes crown your experience on a great skiing trip and at the same time touching the nature of Lapland. In Lapland, the short distances to several great natural attractions, Lemmenjoki, Kiilopää, Ivalojoki and many more. Absolutely the best places in the north! Read more Read lessToni Järvinen
The Artic light and ambience was fabulous. Nice hotel, good staff. Read more Read lessAlan
Rinteet hyvässä kunnossa. Suosittelen ehdottomasti kaikille, vaikka ei laskettele niin löytyy melkein kahden kilometrin pulkkamäki. Pulkkamäkeen kannattaa mennä pimeällä jolloin hienot led valot valaisevat reittiä. (Translated by Google) Slopes in good shape. I would definitely recommend it to everyone, even if you do not ski there, you can find a nearly two-mile sledding. It is worthwhile to go to the snout hill in the dark, where fine LED lights illuminate the route. Read more Read lessWaltsu Viljane
Ok kylpylä 👍 (Translated by Google) Ok spa 👍 Read more Read lessJari Turpeinen
Loistava palvelu! Asiantunteva henkilökunta. (Translated by Google) Great service! Expert staff. Read more Read lessTuukka Kuosmanen
Great place and sledging is awesome Read more Read lessDean Percy
Todella hyvät rinteet (Translated by Google) Really good slopes Read more Read lessherne pussi hernenen
(Translated by Google) There are a lot of things down there that are sledding. Street to stay many times can you use the lift ticket. Slope so severe real fun than I thought. I sled all day and went again the next day. I've been knocking it over and over and it's not like a normal sled. Be careful not to fly the hat. Speed ​​control back to the hands is required. Funny but bruised. (Original) 썰매 떨어져있는거 밑쪽에 많아서 주워타면된다. 여러번타려면 리프트권을 이용하면좋다. 경사가 생각보다 매우심해서 진짜 재밌다. 하루종일 썰매타고 다음날도 또가서 또탔다. 여러번 박고 넘어지고 일반썰매장과는 다르니 조심. 모자 날아가지않게조심. 손을 뒤로 해서 속도조절은 필수다. 재밌지만 멍이 많이 들었다. Read more Read less이은서
Nice place to ski for beginners and experienced people. Helpful staff and good service. Read more Read lessAbhinav Sharma
Maisemat oli hienot (Translated by Google) The landscapes were fine Read more Read lessVeeti Mustasaari
I really liked that everything was close and very accessible. Good trails for a lot of activities, like Ski, Cross-country skiing, Snowboarding, Sledging and etc. Not verry expensive and very nice people. Will definitley come back ASAP 🙂 Read more Read lessCosmin Roman
Lapset tykkäsivät kylpylästä ja tunturin huipulta pulkalla laskemisesta (Translated by Google) The children liked the spa and the fell from the top of the fell Read more Read lessTapio Liimatainen
Erinomainen perheille sopiva laskettelukeskus. (Translated by Google) Excellent family-friendly ski resort. Read more Read lessEki Karlsson
(Translated by Google) Beauty. Worth a visit (Original) Красота. Стоит побывать Read more Read lessNatalia Adaykina
(Translated by Google) Liked it (Original) Gostei Read more Read lessKlaus Peter Rieckmann
👍👍 Read more Read lessDominik Kirsch
Pahoitteluni edellisestä, näppäilyvirhe. Rinteet olivat loistavassa kunnossa ja palvelu mitä mainiointa. Suosittelen lämpimästi ja palaan varmasti uudelleen (Translated by Google) I apologize for the previous mistake. The slopes were brilliant and the service was great. I highly recommend it and will definitely come back Read more Read lessMerja Salonen
Paras laskettelukeskus missä oon käyny (Translated by Google) The best skiing center in the world Read more Read lessVEGONEN
Cracker of a hill! Limited chair lifts and semi frozen snow banks still made for an amazing few days on the slopes. You must, must, must give the aurora taboggoning a go, with a ski pass it's free ( they have sleds everywhere) beautiful, exhilarating and definitely not just for kids ( I'm 6ft5 and almost 30). Not overly snowboarder friendly ( half the mountain is only accessible by T-bar) but still awesome. Read more Read lessAndrew Swann
Asiakaspalvelu hyvää (Translated by Google) Customer service good Read more Read lessMarjukka Viljanen
Hyvät kahveet! (Translated by Google) Great coffees! Read more Read lessRaija Marttila
Mahtava paikka😍 (Translated by Google) Great place for a Read more Read lesspitskuu 08
(Translated by Google) Better than Levi !!! ⛷🏂 (Original) Besser als Levi!!! ⛷🏂 Read more Read lessKaspar Socada
Hienot ovat maisemaa kesälläkin että kannattaa käydä katselemassa siellä huipulla. Ravintolasla hyvät sapuska ja kahvitkin sekä palanpainikeet. (Translated by Google) The great scenery in the summer is that you should look at it at the top. Ravintolasla good chow and kahvitkin and palanpainikeet. Read more Read lessJuha Nikkinen
It was really good Read more Read lessRowenna Hibbert
Nice place Read more Read lessSalvis Skabulis
Paras (Translated by Google) Best Read more Read lessViljami Sinihalme
Oli todella kivoja rinteitä😍kannattaa kokeilla (Translated by Google) There were really nice slopes to go for a try Read more Read lessBy Sara
wonderful place⛷🏂 Read more Read lessAhmed Moon
This is an amazing place Read more Read lessRan Halbershtain
Kiitokset Ekille super ihanasta asiakaspalvelusta.😀Tiputin 10 e hiihtohissistä noustessani, Eki löysi sen maasta ja palautti minulle. Tänään kahden päivän patikkkaretkeltä palatessamme, olisi mieheni palannut rinettä ylös hiihtohissillä, mutta se oli suljettu kovan tuulen vuoksi, joten Eki tarjoutui viemään mieheni ylös omalla autollaan, minun, tyttäreni ja Helmi- koiran odotellessa alhaalla Pilkku- baarissa rinkkojen kanssa. 😀 (Translated by Google) Thank you Ek for super wonderful customer service. 😀I dropped 10E off the ski lift, Eki found it in the ground and returned it to me. Returning from a two-day hike today, my husband would have returned to the ski slope with the ski lift, but it was closed due to high winds, so Eki offered to take my man up with his car, me, daughter and Helmed dog waiting downstairs with backpacks. 😀 Read more Read lessKatri Vaaranen
(Translated by Google) We loved our stay in Finnish Lapland. In addition we were entitled to two evening Northern Lights. Magnificent (Original) Nous avons adoré notre séjour en Laponie finlandaise. De plus nous avons eu le droit à deux soirée d'aurores boréales. Magnifique Read more Read lessNicolas BUFFLER
Good place. Read more Read lessPetri Reponen
So cold !! Read more Read less與小3小2
Such a fun day outdoors, excellent slopes and not crowded at all, would love to return! An amazing looking hotel on top of Kaunispää. Stunning views! Read more Read lessMia Niemelä
perfect snow, very helpful staff well groomed posted. great family skiing for a couple of days but not demanding. accessible areas of trees and a reasonable snow park. good kit shop and rental equipment. Read more Read lessDan Harding
5/5 Read more Read lessAleksi Taimi
Rinteet oli hyvässä kunnossa ja sopivan haastavia. Suosittelen!! (Translated by Google) The slopes were in good shape and challenging. I recommend !! Read more Read lessJere
Rinteet todella upeassa kunnossa. Henkilökunta mukavaa ja palvelu hyvää, monella kielellä. Upea paikka edelleen. Pulkkarinne on hieno ja pitkä. (Translated by Google) The slopes in really great condition. Staff nice and service good, in many languages. Great place to stay. The bite is fine and long. Read more Read lessristo viljanen
Great place to learn or improve your skiing. Loads of other things to do apart from downhill skiing. Read more Read lessdavid guy

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