Hey lumimafias! We start this weekend on 13 January 2024 at 10:00 and we are excited to ski with you all! 

If you have never skied before do not fear! Our first session will be focused to those with little or no experience. We invite you all to come skiing but please respect our new skiers and boarders as they find their feet on the snow during the first week. 

Our Lumimafia instructor Janina will be on skis for the first 90 minutes and snowboard for the second half of the session from 12:00 onwards. All are welcome to join at 10:00 and we encourage friends to help friends to boost their learning alongside Janina.   

Sign-ups for first timer skiers must be in for either session 1 or session 2 (latest forms returned 19.01). Then skiers with experience can join latest for the first week back after February skiing holidays (latest forms returned 01.03). Once we have the sign ups we will organise appropriate group sizes.  

Registration: https://bit.ly/lumimafia24

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