International Ski Patrol day is celebrated on Friday 10.2. Some of you might wonder what does an actual Ski Patrol do?

Ski Patrols are ski resort’s educated professionals and heros who take care of our customers in the slopes in case something happens, someone is lost or have any kind of questions. And of course they make sure general slope safety is in top-notch shape and possible first aid cases. During the past five years Ski Saariselkä has invested greatly into personnel’s first aid training and put more effort into Ski Patrol activities. At the moment we have 9 active Ski Patrols working in our resort, whose responsibilities are to prevent slope accidents and be there for the customers in case something happens.

In honour of the International Ski Patrol Day we organise a small event and change to know more about the work of Ski Patrol and how to become one in case you are interested!

Sign up via email to latest by 9.2.

Meeting point at 16 pm at lift i2 (rope lift).


  • What do Ski Patrols do in Saariselkä?
  • Get to know Ski Patrol’s work equipment and tools
  • Practical training and skill test
  • How to get into Ski Patrol training?
  • Opportunity to  have a chat and ask more questions from our Ski Patrols

We welcome everybody along!

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