Saariselkä is a haven for mountain bikers

Welcome to Saariselkä! After mountainbiking was allowed on some of the national park trails, Saariselkä has quickly become one of the best destinations for mountainbiking in Finland and Finnish Lapland. It’s no wonder, since the Urho Kekkonen national park has up to 230 kilometres of marked trails for bikers of different levels! Some of the trails are maintained also during the winter, and you can find up to 80 kilometres of winter biking trails. We have marked 3 single-track downhill biking trails on the slopes of fell Kaunispää, and human-powered Trail Park is being developed for the upcoming summers.

Equipment rental shop and our restaurant Lieggâ Láávu are open daily during the summer season.

We also offer guided hiking and biking tours in the national park and nearby areas on request.


All our bike rentals include our Bike Patrol-service within most Open Fell Biking trails. In case you get problems with the bike (for instance get a puncture in a tyre), our Bike Patroller will come and help you, and if needed, will bring you a new bike and retrieve the broken one.

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